With only three 1st XI players scoring 300+ runs in 2018, it was no wonder we struggled, finishing just above the relegation zone.  It was obvious that we needed to add to the batting ranks and so this was what we looked to do. In came a new opening batsman, along with some additions to the middle order that would give us much more stability as we looked towards what we expected to be a much more successful season for the 1's. This obviously worked because in 2019 we had 7 players score over 300 runs, making a huge difference. 

We also had a slightly new look bowling attack with a new seamer and a new spinner coming into the club. Said spinner went on to take 50 league wickets which meant we always put ourselves in a fantastic position to win games. The whole bowling unit provided some great individual performances throughout the season, which in turn led us to losing only 3 games, winning 14 and drawing only one. The real positives in this being that we always looked to play attacking, result minded cricket, so even the three losses came about us playing cricket in the right way. In fact, the sole draw came in a tightly contested match away at Epsom who were our closest rivals throughout the season, eventually finishing second. We won the league at a canter with 2 games to spare, eventually leading the league by 73 points, equal to over 3.5 clear games. 

Division 2 will present a different challenge but rather than looking to survive we are looking to compete properly. Taking each game as it comes rather than looking too far ahead, by adding some more real quality we feel that we have a good chance of doing just that. If we compete well but ultimately only finish with mid table security, it will still have been a successful first year as a Div 2 side. 

2019 Top 10 Averages Batting

Tim Sealy-Fisher - 558 runs @ 39.86 HS 106*

Ashley Gray - 474 runs @ 47.40 HS 108*

Johnno Gordon - 416 runs @ 34.67 HS 107

James Thomas - 364 runs @ 28.00 HS 69

Brad Steyn - 342 runs @ 26.31 HS 78

Brandon McCabe - 321 runs @ 32.10 HS 76*

Clint McCabe - 303 runs @ 25.25 HS 64

Waseem Bhatti - 248 runs @ 19.08 HS 51

Blake Van Der Linde 134 runs @ 19.14 HS 50

Simon Dunning 130 runs @ 18.57 HS 47

You can find the full list of batting averages here :- http://oldwimbledonians.play-cricket.com/website/web_pages/71259


2019 Top 5 Averages Bowling

Clint McCabe 50 wkts @ 11.56

Johnno Gordon 42 wkts @ 13.90

Joe Bell 19 wkts @ 20.42

Simon Dunning 13 wkts @ 20.62

Ben Laycock 12 wkts @ 23.50

You can find the full list of bowling averages here :- http://oldwimbledonians.play-cricket.com/website/web_pages/71260