The last few years have been tough for the 2nd XI at OWCC, with changes in personnel and captaincy meaning an unsettled period. Losing key players along the way has been tough, but more importantly the lack of a settled side has been to blame for 3 relegations in the past 4 seasons. Having been promoted to Division 1 of the 2nd XI Championship in 2015, relegations in 2016, 2018 and 2019 see us now in Div 4, but with the strengthening of the club across all sides, we expect to bounce back and are looking to move through the divisions over the next 2-3 seasons. 

With a new leadership team in Sami Majid and Nick Dalby-Welsh, we think we have landed on a great mix of game and people management which will allow those in the squad to excel, ensuring that the team is performing to the best of its abilities at all times. With key players such as John Culley, Sami Majid, James Smith, Rob Whelan, Roger White and others all likely to play big roles this coming year we are excited to see the side push for promotion in a campaign that will see us start pushing back up through the divisions. 

Captain Sami Majid said "we are optimistic for the season even though last season didn’t go the way we wanted. That said, improvement shown by youngsters that played in 2019 can be built upon as they prepare for a new term".

"I’m particularly delighted at the standard of new players that the club have attracted and these, alongside new youngsters coming into the team should help us compete at the top end of the table".

Old Wimbledonians have invested heavily in the close season to bring excellent practice facilities to the club. This will further enhance the ongoing strategy to promote players from the club’s strong junior ranks in to senior cricket.

Top 5 Batting averages 2019

John Culley - 420 runs @ 38.18 HS 90*

James Smith - 327 runs @ 32.70 HS 105*

Roger White - 256 runs @ 42.67 HS 75*

Waseem Bhatti - 228 runs @ 22.80 HS 51

Sami Majid - 186 runs @ 16.91 HS 45* for full batting averages lists


Top 5 Bowling averages 2019

Sami Majid - 22 wkts @ 26.91

James Smith - 16 wkts @ 14.69

Greg Nielsen - 13 wkts @ 16.31

Irfaan Baksh - 13 wkts @ 28.62

John Culley - 11 wkts @ 29.18 for full bowling averages lists