One of the shining lights of the club, the 4th XI are a wonderful bunch who always play with a smile on their faces and are successful with it, especially given the frustrations they face at times.  The nature of being the 4's means that they play in a division where games are the first to be cancelled and at times this has become an issue, the lads understandably frustrated that having looked forward to competitive games of cricket all week, they are then cancelled. As a club we always try and find fixtures for the 4th XI even when this happens through engaging with our network to make sure those that want it get a game of cricket as often as possible. 

The 4th XI had a great 2019 season and only narrowly missed out on promotion, but as importantly, members of the 4th XI have been instrumental in helping not only to bring a 5th XI into the fold, but also seeing a 6th XI play a fixture in 2019 for the first ever time which is an incredible achievement. There cannot be many other clubs in the country, let alone Surrey running 5 Saturday sides, let alone six and so this is a massive achievement! Thanks to captain Ben and the rest of the guys for all of the work they put in trying to bring the juniors through into the senior game. 

Top 5 Run Scorers 2019

James Kennedy 406 runs @ 67.67 HS 84* 

Keith Miskelly 192 runs @ 27.43 HS 59

Keith Gomez 152 runs @ 30.40 HS 57

Sachin Shah 133 runs @ 19.00 HS 41

Chris Carey 81 runs @ 40.50 HS 41 for full averages listings


Top 5 Wicket Takers 2019

Ben Walsh 14 wkts @ 13.71

Muhil Mustapha 10 wkts @ 12.20

Tim Richards 10 wkts @ 13.70

Keith Miskelly 8 wkts @ 20.88

Alan Bryden 7 wkts @ 1.71 for full bowling averages lists