The OWCC Sunday friendly teams are a huge part of the club for a number of reasons. They not only help to keep the spirit of Sunday cricket alive when at times it has been in danger of becoming a lost art, but also allows older colts take their first steps into playing senior cricket. Run and managed in no small part by club legends Tim Richards and Trev Evans, who are also both colts coaches, this is a fantastic way for colts who are looking to play adult cricket to dip their toe in the water. 

The Sunday games see some pretty strong characters, with games always being hotly contested affairs, with all sides playing as if the results mean much more to them than friendly cricket would suggest. A lot of the players are people who still enjoy playing competitive cricket but for whatever reason cannot commit to league cricket on Saturday's, for others the slightly more relaxed nature of being able to have a beer before you bat is the appeal. Either way, it creates an atmosphere in which it is a real joy to take part. 

Games against teams such as The Royal Household within the grounds of Windsor Castle, Old Georgians in Weybridge and others ensure we have some great fixtures, and we have the characters to match. From Tim and Trev, to Jim and Jim, two of the biggest characters you're likely to meet, an incredibly welcoming group waits to welcome you to play good natured yet competitive cricket.

The sun trap patio that we are lucky to enjoy is a fantastic place to be on a lazy Sunday afternoon if you fancy watching the world go by with a Pimms or your drink of choice, the only distraction being the classic sound of leather on willow in the background. 

2020 will see the friendly sides push on with their mantra of inclusive, fun cricket, played in the right way and allowing colt's to push through from the junior to senior ranks. If you are considering joining a club for a bit of competitive but well natured friendly cricket, look not further than OWCC.